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Site Promotion – 4 Site Promotion Secrets That Will Give You Floods of Website Traffic!

If you want to promote your website, my advice is to start by doing it on your own. There is no one who knows your own product better than you do. You are the best person to promote your website.

For most marketing activities, you can start by doing it yourself before outsourcing the work to others.

Let’s take a look at some strategies for this:

1) Search Engine Optimization

You create a free content blog and optimize it to get search engine rankings through off-site SEO and on-site SEO. Don’t know how to do it? Spend a few days learning about SEO. You don’t need to hire overpaid SEO ‘specialists’ to do the job.

2) Article Marketing

Start by writing a few articles a day and submitting them to Ezine Articles. Once you know your strategy is working and you have built up some cashflow, hire a writer to write your articles for you. If you write 3 articles per day, you can hire a writer to write another 3 articles so now your output is doubled, which means your traffic in all likelihood will double as well.

3) Press Release Marketing

This is an area where it is preferred to hire a press release writer to do the job. Press release writing is a very specialized activity that is hard to learn in a short time. Hiring a proficient, proven press release writer will often pay off ten-fold. Submit your press releases using PR Web.

4) List Builders

These are specialized list building networks like List Joe and List Dot Com. You can join many of these sites and hire a virtual assistant to send out your emails for you every week or every few days to generate traffic on autopilot.

Starting a Home Based Business Opportunity on the Internet

This article is all about news and information you can use when starting a home business opportunity. Starting a home based business opportunity is a big challenge. Think of it as simple, not easy. The first order of business is to make it perfectly clear that success does not happen overnight. If you believe it can happen quickly, do not hold your breath waiting for it to happen.The best thing since the invention of the wheel is the Internet. The Internet and information technology is credited with making home business and other great opportunities possible. It is important to understand that the Internet is evolving fast and often, so you are responsible for updating your skills and keeping up with Internet changes.Starting a home business on the Internet is not free. The cost is a commitment and obligation of self-employment and hard work that require discipline and motivation. The good news is you have the freedom to work from the comfort of your home.One of the best things about starting a home based business opportunity on the Internet is that start-up costs are minimal when compared to a traditional business. Current home based business owners use the Internet to take their business from local to global markets. You will be faced with a huge number of tasks and required to handle them effectively. Remember, with a home business, you are the CEO, CFO and everything in between.Your network marketing company that gave you the opportunity to start your business will provide necessary resources; a web site, promotional software programs, effective training on use of the software as well as further information to help you succeed with your home based business opportunity as an affiliate member.An affiliate member promotes the company’s product or service and when a prospect clicks on your ad or website, you receive a commission. Independent Affiliate Marketing is the best way to start a legitimate home based business opportunity on the Internet.Your team is at the core of your business and as it grows you will form deep relationships with your team. The reward and benefits will be extended to you and all of the team members.