Site Promotion – 4 Site Promotion Secrets That Will Give You Floods of Website Traffic!

If you want to promote your website, my advice is to start by doing it on your own. There is no one who knows your own product better than you do. You are the best person to promote your website.

For most marketing activities, you can start by doing it yourself before outsourcing the work to others.

Let’s take a look at some strategies for this:

1) Search Engine Optimization

You create a free content blog and optimize it to get search engine rankings through off-site SEO and on-site SEO. Don’t know how to do it? Spend a few days learning about SEO. You don’t need to hire overpaid SEO ‘specialists’ to do the job.

2) Article Marketing

Start by writing a few articles a day and submitting them to Ezine Articles. Once you know your strategy is working and you have built up some cashflow, hire a writer to write your articles for you. If you write 3 articles per day, you can hire a writer to write another 3 articles so now your output is doubled, which means your traffic in all likelihood will double as well.

3) Press Release Marketing

This is an area where it is preferred to hire a press release writer to do the job. Press release writing is a very specialized activity that is hard to learn in a short time. Hiring a proficient, proven press release writer will often pay off ten-fold. Submit your press releases using PR Web.

4) List Builders

These are specialized list building networks like List Joe and List Dot Com. You can join many of these sites and hire a virtual assistant to send out your emails for you every week or every few days to generate traffic on autopilot.

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