How a Virtual Business Can Make Your Home Based Business Look Like an S&P 500

Due to the economy, people of all ages are flocking to start a home based business. The challenge most of these entrepreneurs confront is the unwillingness of customers wanting to work with ‘solopreneurs’ who lack credibility. The things that make these home based businesses not credible are:Not having a professional customer service system
Not having contact information on their website
Being able to be reached only by email or phone
Only having a voice mail as customer support system
Taking a long time to get back to customersHere is the simple step you can take right now, today, to make your home based business look and act like an S&P500…implement a virtual business strategy by setting up virtual communication channels.These channels are: A virtual PBX, professionally recorded welcome prompts, 800# online fax, online support desk, chat, self-service knowledge base and FAQs.You may be wondering…how much money would it cost your home based business to set up a sophisticated virtual business communication system like this one? Here is the breakdown:Virtual PBX: About $35 per month

VoiP: About $15 per month

#800 Online Fax: About $10 per month

Online Support Desk: About $40 per month

Chat: Included in online support desk bundle

Knowledge Base/FAQ: Included in online support desk bundle

Recorded Prompt: One time fee

Phones: Zero, use soft phones (on your computer)…TOTAL COST: approximately $100 per month!Follow this virtual business strategy and drive hundreds of customers to your home based business. Actually, implementing a sophisticated virtual business strategy is pretty simple, once you get the hang of it. First, start with your communication channels: Virtual PBX, VoiP phones, and online fax. Then implement your virtual customer service department: Chat, knowledge base, FAQs and support desk. You’re now operating like an S&P500!

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